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SAN DIEGO – Governor Jerry Brown signed new gun legislation Tuesday allowing family members to file a restraining order against a mentally unstable gun owner, separating them from their guns.

The law is in direct reaction to the shootings that ravaged the UC Santa Barbara area of Isla Vista. Lawmakers contend that if this law was in place family members could have sounded the alarm legally.

Gun advocates are not that sure.

“I can’t believe it’s a good idea to attempt to take away the guns of a law abiding citizen that hasn’t done anything wrong, and I don’t think they will want to give their guns up,” said Dimitrious Karras, the owner of Ares Armor a gun accessory store. “I think this will turn into just another way for the police to bully people into doing what they want.”

Criminal expert and attorney Wendy Patrick said this might be the tool that ads an extra layer of protection that stops the next mass casualty shooting.

”This is just one more tool that law enforcement will have at their disposal to address the dangers that are out there…the mixture of mental illness and guns is something that needs to be solved I’m not sure this is the answer, but we will see,” Patrick said.