Group wants liquor license revoked from PB store

PB Store’s Liquor License Application In Question

California’s Alcoholic Beverage Control Department is holding a hearing to determine whether to grant a new license for a liquor store in Pacific Beach.

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SAN DIEGO – The Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control regulators have been getting pressured by protestors to revoke a new hard liquor license issued to a local beer and wine shop in a neighborhood with a high number of bars.

The Quik Corner located at 1059 Garnet Avenue waited for their application for a liquor license to be approved for years. It was issued a temporary hard liquor license and is awaiting a final decision for ABC in Sacramento.

Some residents told Fox5 that there are too many bars in Pacific Beach and adding another spot to get more hard liquor will promote more rowdy behavior throughout the community.

“ABC regulators aren’t asleep at the wheel – they simply aren’t there,” said Scott Chipman from San Diegans for Responsible Planning.

The additional liquor license hasn’t been protested by everyone. Some residents said the family who run the Quik Corner have been in the community for years and deserve to their business thrive.

“They serve hard liquor at least a dozen bars down this street. What is the difference?” asked Scott Motsen, who visits the beach area regularly.

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