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SAN DIEGO —  Dozens of students, civil rights groups and social justice organizations are calling for the resignation of San Diego State University President Elliot Hirshman, claiming a lack of response after anti-Muslim fliers were posted on campus last week.

The posters accused seven students of being terrorists and anti-Semites.

Last week, dozens of protesting students surrounded the car of Hirshman, criticizing him of a weak response to the literature that linked Muslim students to terrorism.

“Our son’s and daughter’s names are published on a list that identifies the, as terrorists,” said Muslim community member Karem Elhams.

Protesters claim Hirshman has not responded to the literature.

“He hasn’t been a leader, and he has put a lot of students, other than myself or my friends, in danger, and that’s not a university leader,”  said student Rechelle Beck.  “He should step down immediately.”

School administration released a statement saying they would review university policies to ensure a balance between freedom of expression and protection from harassment, but stopped short of condemning the postings.

Fayaz Nawabi, a member of the SDSU Muslim Student Association, says Hirschman needs to take action and condemn the fliers or step down.

“It’s not just that [Hirshman] didn’t do enough, he didn’t do nothing,”said Muslim Student Association member Fayaz Nawabi. “Some of these students had to get off social media because they’re getting messages, being threatened by individuals. What’s next? Putting the addresses on these lists? Putting their pictures? I demand that my president — Elliot Hirshman — steps down and resigns as the president of the San Diego State University.”

FOX 5 contacted SDSU school administration, but as of Wednesday evening, Hirshman has not responded to the call for his resignation.

More students are scheduled to speak at the SDSU Student Union Thursday at 6 p.m.