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Warning: Viewers may find the video disturbing.

CHULA VISTA, Calif. — Police are investigating a video that shows a 16-year old boy getting attacked by a group of high school students at a restaurant in Chula Vista.

The attack happened at the Cotixan restaurant located on East Palomar Street. Video shows a swarm of teens punching, kicking and throwing chairs at the teen, even after he fell to the ground.

Fortunately, the boy suffered only minor injuries to his arm. “It still feels unreal,” said the boy’s father, Margarito Martin. The attack didn’t seem like a “normal” high school fight: “I think that they were more of a gang or a mob that wanted to kill him.”

Martin said he filed a police report with Chula Vista Police Department. Officers told FOX 5 that investigators are speaking with witnesses and looking at cellphone video for suspects.

After the disturbing video spread through the community, supporters scheduled a peaceful protest against bullying outside the restaurant for Wednesday, April 17 at 5:30 pm.

Chula Vista Police have launched an investigation and say this is a serious crime and they are already receiving a number of tips.  Chula Vista Captain Eric Thunberg says it appears the attackers are all under the age of 18.

Is this a little different if we’re talking about 30 year old individuals? Yeah, a little bit does that mean they don’t get held accountable? Absolutely not. They get held accountable in their own way through our juvenile justice system,” said Chula Vista Police Captain Eric Thunberg.

Chief of Police Roxana Kennedy met with the victim and the family early Monday. Investigators are working with multple law enforcement agencies to identify all of the attackers in the video.

“Because of the cooperation between the public, the media, social media, kind of all came together early this weekend, to kind of get this out in the public it actually generated a number of leads, very promising tips that we didn’t have initially that we’re working as we speak,” said Chula Vista Police Captain Eric Thunberg. Our school resource unit, our violent crimes unit spent some time over the weekend putting a game plan together early this morning. The family was in here, the victim was in here. They actually met with the chief and had a very productive, goo  meeting with her as well, so they’ve been following up from this right from the get go this morning and as I said, promising leads hopefully we’ll have some arrests in the near future.”