Gloriana Talks Ex-Lovers at CMA

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Gloriana PICNASHVILLE, TN-The band Gloriana, made up of the beautiful Rachel Reinert and her two sidekicks Tom and Mike Gossin, has had a great year in country music and at the 2013 CMA Music Festival where they played for hundreds of fans at a private party.  They also sang the national anthem during the second evening of stadium concerts on June 7th.  On the radio, the trio’s new single ‘Can’t Shake You’ is climbing the charts and the catchy tune has become a favorite.

I caught up with the band backstage at their CMA Fest fan party at aVenue in downtown Nashville.

Yeehaw Junction:  You co-wrote ‘Can’t Shake You,’ so tell me about the making of the video and the inspiration behind the song.

Tom: We shot the video outside of Nashville in a country bar called Silverados, and we wanted to film it there because it reminded us of a lot of places we’ve played.  We’ve been touring in one thousand or two thousand people rooms with a mechanical bull and it’s a beer drinking, dance floor kind of thing.  So, we did the video at this place and it went with the song where we each had an ex that we couldn’t forget, and hopefully by the end they would disappear in thin air.  And, they did.

Rachel:  Laughs

YJ: I take it, you have one of those exes?

Rachel:  Yeah, actually it’s funny because the guy they picked for me resembled my douchy past ex-boyfriend.

Tom:  Can you say that word?

Rachel: Yeah, It’s a real word.  {laughs}  So, we decided to throw in some therapy into the video to make him disappear.

YJ:  What’s the craziest thing a fan has done to get your attention?

Tom: Back in the Taylor Swift days this guy hid in one of our buses, in one of the bays and we found him in there.

Mike: We were going down there to get our clothes and he was literally hiding.  We got some of it on video.  I’m not sure it ever made the internet.  It was a little scary, but it was cool.

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