George W. Bush recalls last visit with mother

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DALLAS – A day after former First Lady Barbara Bush died, her son former President George W. Bush and his wife Laura spoke about her death.

“Laura and I are very grateful for people’s prays and sympathies. It’s the end of a beautiful life,” George W. Bush said. “She was warm and wonderful until you got out of line – she was awesome.”

He spoke to her on the phone Tuesday morning and he said she didn’t say much and he told her he loved her.

His mother had faith and was a believer of an afterlife. She had said she was going to be “wonderfully received in the arms of a loving God” and did not fear death.”

“As a result of her soul being comforted on her deathbed, my soul is comforted,” George W. Bush said.

Former First Lady Laura Bush also reflected on her mother-in-law.

“She was fierce and said her mind. She was a great role model for me as I learned how to be a first lady,” Laura Bush said.

George W. added that a week before her passing, he was with her in the hospital where she joked with the medical staff about him.

“She told the doctor, ‘You know why George W. is the way he is? Because I drank and smoked while I was pregnant with him.’ I know she’s funny,” George W. said.

Former President George HW Bush was by his wife’s side when she passed Tuesday. She was 92.

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