SAN DIEGO — Childcare providers that pick up and drop off children as part of their services are being financially impacted by gas prices.  

Gina Cazares, who’s been a child care provider for 25 years, has recently added drop off and pick up services which is in high demand now due to limited after school program capacity.  

“Parents really needed to rely on those childcare programs that are outside the schools,” said Jeff McAdam, Creative Services Director with TOOTRiS.  

Cazares picks up 14 school-aged children daily and said she was spending about $700 to fill up a month ago — that now almost doubles to around $1,400.  

“I pick them up from home, take them to school and then vice versa – pick them up, take some of them home, bring them here and still take some home afterwards,” said Cazares.  

Cazares, drives a 14-seater van which she said is a gas guslar and the difference is now coming out of her pay.  

“On my contract I have where I increase prices every year, so I can’t increase prices right now – in January I can – but right now I can’t,” she said.   

Cazares said the increase in gas prices has affected her prices before and if they continue to go up – so will her prices, once again.  

“In January it’s going to impact everybody because my prices are going to go up because of it,” said Cazares. “It doesn’t just affect me, it affects my parents.”