Gas prices continue to drop

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SAN DIEGO – For the sixth week in a row, gasoline prices continue to drop giving motorists some welcome relief at the pump.

The national average for a gallon of regular gas is down compared to a year ago.  The average price in San Diego is $3.69 which is nearly 40 cents difference since last January.

Gary Cumber is an independent tile contractor and drives throughout the county.  When the price of gas goes down even a couple of pennies – it translates into big savings.

“Thank you! Finally! I do a lot of driving, like a hundred miles a day,” Cumber said. “If I drive far like Ramona, it will cost me $45 to $50 a day. I can save $300 to $400 a week because gas prices are lower.”

Energy consumer advocate Charles Langley warns drivers to that oil prices typically decline this time of year for a variety of reasons, but they won’t stay this way for long.

“This year demand is way, way, down because we’ve got a slack economy,” Langley said, adding we haven’t had any major disasters or political unrest.

U.S. refineries just switched to the cheaper winter blend, too.

“You combine all those factors and we see lower prices. They should continue to drop,” said Langley. “We’re hoping a penny a day. Which would be a major move for at least the next few weeks.”

But he has a warning, drivers should prepare for an expensive future, as the U.S becomes the largest exporter of oil in the next few years prices will dramatically increase.

“We are going into a period in the U.S history where energy is simply going to cost more,” Langley said.

Due to the process to get the oil out of the earth – especially oil based energy – gas prices are not going to go down long term, according to Langley.

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