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SAN DIEGO – Frustration over the stimulus money continues to build Thursday for millions of Americans who are expecting a payment but have yet to receive it.

Over 80 million Americans, or roughly 50% of qualified tax payers, should receive their stimulus money this week, the IRS said Thursday. Meanwhile the other 50 percent may face an uphill struggle before they get their money.

“You’re trying to get 2.2 trillion dollars out the door in three weeks,” said financial expert Dan Roccato. “You’re obviously going to make some mistakes.”

Roccato said the majority of people who received their stimulus are likely people who already filed their 2019 taxes and received a refund through direct deposit, because the IRS already knows how to get money to them. If you owed on your taxes and paid from your account, your bank account information may not be locked in.

Millions of people logged onto the IRS website this week to check the status of their payment but received “Payment Status Not Available” notices.

A spokesperson for the IRS said website traffic is overwhelming but the IRS employees are doing their best to keep up. He said the coronavirus is impacting their work flow, with their staff working remotely from home trying to troubleshoot issues.

Roccato said many will get checks in the mail but that could take until August.

In the meantime, there may be a couple things people who are waiting for a check can do to intercept their money. One option is to log onto their IRS account and progress through their log-in information enough to get forwarded to a page that allows them to re-enter their banking information. That’s a way to connect your account for rapid stimulus connection. However, some can’t even get that far without getting shut out.

“My advice would be to give it a day or two, go on at an off hour then try to get through,” said Rocotta.

The other option is to consider filing 2019 taxes to make sure their bank accounts are connected to the IRS database. However taxes must be filed online and a refund must be deposited electronically.