Free Money: Hidden cash scavenger hunt returns to San Diego

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SAN DIEGO — “Why search for Pokemon when you can hunt for cash?”

That’s what a group behind the “Hidden Cash Balboa” Facebook page is asking after announcing an upcoming scavenger hunt in San Diego worth big bucks!

The group, which also tweets under the handle @HiddenMoneySD, says thousands of dollars have already been concealed all over San Diego and the first prize is going to be $500.

The first hunt is October 1 in Balboa Park at 12 p.m., but you’ll need an iPhone.

The people behind the hunt describe themselves on Twitter as a “a group of guys from SV tech companies and hollywood studios, trying to make the world even more magical.”

The HiddenCash phenomenon began in San Francisco in 2014 and even spread to other major U.S. cities and other countries.

In most cases, the amount of cash being hidden was up to $100.

The San Francisco donor who started it all dubbed the practice a “social experiment for good.” At least some of the recipients paid it forward by using the cash to help others.

In 2014, cash was found hidden in 25 PEZ dispensers in the sand in Pacific Beach, envelopes in La Jolla and a park in National City, among other places.

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