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SAN DIEGO — A former Marine captain severely injured in Afghanistan is donating his $100,000 ReWalk robotic legs so that others can walk again.

Derek Herrera  was one of the first patients with a spinal cord injury to get a Rewalk Exoskeleton.

“It enabled me to stand and walk again,” Herrera said. “It caused me to question a lot of things that I thought were not possible in my life.”

The robotic legs are used to help people with spinal cord injuries to regain upright mobility. Herrera has a newer set of Rewalk Exoskeleton legs and will be working with new technologies to help other people with spinal injuries live a more full life.

Herrera is donating  his original robotic legs to the VIP NeuroRehabilitation Center in Miramar. He said he hopes his contribution of the exoskeleton will let others to walk again.

“It was really important for me physically, mentally, but also psychologically. So it single-handedly changed the course of my life,” said Herrera.