Former FOX 5 reporters braving Hurricane Irma

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MIAMI - Two former FOX 5 reporters are now reporting in Miami, and are in the midst of Hurricane Irma.

Christian De La Rosa and Walter Morris are working for different news stations, but both have had similar experiences in dealing with the storm.

"If you see in the back here we`ve got clothes for three days, food. Pretty much all of our essentials. Sleeping bags, pillows. So we`re sorta like just riding it out," Morris said as he showed FOX 5 what was in the news truck.

"Some of us have been working with just a few hours of sleep," De La Rosa said.

Both said the mood in the Miami area has dramatically changed.

"It`s really eerie. Nobody`s out on the roads. I mean it`s almost one of those post apocalyptic movies. Like in the days leading up to it, I mean there were lines like two hours long for gas. Every gas station you went to in the city was either out, or there was like a two hour line. Store shelves completely empty. You couldn`t find water, bread," Morris said.

In recent days, they have seen people react very differently.

"We have both extremes. We have paranoia, and then you have people who just don`t really believe a lot of the information that we`re delivering to them," De La Rosa said.

For them, covering the storm has already been intense.

"We had those outer bands come in. It did get scary. We actually moved the vehicles away from trees. Just in case those trees came down," Del La Rosa said.

They are braving the storm and on a mission to inform others.

"We have a job to do. This is our duty. As long as we can stay safe," De La Rosa said.

The hurricane is also affecting their personal lives.

Both of them have had to evacuate their own homes.


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