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EL CAJON, Calif.  — The first legally licensed medical marijuana dispensary in San Diego County is now open for business in El Cajon.

Located in a largely industrial area on the east side of Gillespie Field, there are no schools in the vicinity. State and county ordinances prohibit marijuana dispensaries near schools.

It is called Outliers Collective and it represents the new face of the pot industry: clean cut business people with state-of-the-art equipment and technology, and serious goals for the future.

To make it through the front door, a patient must first past through security.

“Our security procedures were developed in consultation with the sheriffs department,” explained Tyler Strause, the manager of Outliers Collective.

Then, after employees validate a doctor’s recommendation for medical marijuna, patients can enter the actual dispensary.

“This is where we keep all the medicine,”  Strause said.

In the five weeks since they opened, already the collective has just under1,000 members, but this is only the first step, they say. The collective is already preparing to break ground on massive grow operation.

“Total square footage is about 24,000 square feet that will be exclusive to the production of the medicine we will be providing to our members,” Strause said.

Right now there are 10 full time employees. Once the cultivation operation is up and running that number is expected to jump.

“Our cultivation operation in the back is also currently employing architects and engineers. It’s not just the story of our industry, but also the businesses related to this industry.”

The collective also has what they are calling a scientific adviser. Dr. Linda Strause, Tyler Strause’s mother, holds a doctorate. She will be responsible for lobbying for more regulation and promoting scientific education about cannabis.

“We are in the position to supporting lobbying basic research, so we can test cannabis products in disease like breast cancer cell lines,” Dr. Strause said.

For now though, the collective is simply the first legally operating pot shop in the county. And it even offers home delivery, which is all coordinated electronically online.