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SAN DIEGO — The first case of coronavirus was confirmed in San Diego County Monday, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said.

The coronavirus patient was among those who landed at MCAS Miramar last week after traveling from Wuhan, China, the epicenter of the virus outbreak.

The adult patient was one of the few taken to UC San Diego Health for evaluation after displaying symptoms health officials said could indicate coronavirus.

According to San Diego Public Health officials, the CDC’s initial test results came back negative Sunday for four of the patients under evaluation. All four patients were then discharged from UC San Diego Health and returned to quarantine at MCAS Miramar.

On Monday morning, the CDC informed health officials that additional testing confirmed one of those four patients did in fact have coronavirus. That person was then taken back to UC San Diego Health and was said to be under care in isolation.

Another patient who was in quarantine at MCAS Miramar was taken to UC San Diego Health Monday for evaluation, health officials said. That patient was not among those initially under evaluation for coronavirus at local hospitals.

This coronavirus case is the 13th confirmed so far in the U.S. Seven of those have now been reported in California.