Fellow SEAL testifies he saw Gallagher kill wounded ISIS fighter

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SAN DIEGO – The prosecution’s star witness took the stand Wednesday afternoon to testify he saw decorated Navy SEAL Eddie Gallagher stab and kill a wounded ISIS prisoner in 2017.

“I saw him stab the prisoner in the side of the neck,” claimed Chief Craig Miller, a Navy SEAL who served with Gallagher in Iraq. “It just came out of his neck. The blood just came out.”

Miller’s dramatic testimony came Wednesday afternoon after other SEALS who served with Gallagher testified that a wounded teenage ISIS fighter was brought back to the compound by Iraqi forces. The SEALS testified that Gallagher told the members of the platoon, “He’s mine.” They said Gallagher started giving the prisoner medical treatment for a leg injury, but after some time, the prisoner died.

Miller said it was murder. Earlier in the day, another SEAL, Dylan Dille, claimed Gallagher once said, “nurse them to death,” referring to wounded enemy combatants. Dille served as a sniper under Gallagher’s command in Iraq in 2017. He said while up in a sniper’s perch, he observed Gallagher fire on civilians on at least three occasions.

“He was firing shots off one after the other,” Dille testified. “[I] looked through my scope to see [at what]. It was a crowd of civilians getting water.”

The attorneys for Gallagher say the accusations against their client by his fellow SEALS are all lies. Pointing to a group chat between the witnesses, the defense attorney said that the accusers conspired to take Gallagher down. The defense tried to show inaccuracies in witnesses’ testimonies and said that Dille kept a journal while in Iraq, but that there were no entries in the journal that claiming that Gallagher shot civilians, or stabbed a prisoner.

Gallagher’s defense team said Monday during opening arguments that the witnesses didn’t like how Gallagher led his men and felt that he unnecessarily put them in harm’s way. His lawyers argue that the witnesses made up stories to get rid of Gallagher once they were stateside after their deployment.

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