Fans upset over bee extermination at Petco Park

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SAN DIEGO — It’s been a couple of days since the Miami Marlins beat the San Diego Padres, but some of the buzz surrounding the Sunday game’s “bee delay” is still a topic of conversation.

“What do you do with all those bees?” asked Armida Martinez, a Padres fan. Martinez was referring to the swarm of bees that landed on a FOX Sports microphone in the third inning, causing a 30-minute game delay as a pest control company came in to handle the situation.

Instead of relocating the swarm, an employee of Cartwright Termite & Pest Control sprayed the mic, killing the queen and hundreds of worker bees. Fans took to social media after the incident, expressing concern over the decision to exterminate.

On the phone with FOX5 Monday, a representative from Cartwright said it does try to relocate bee swarms 98 percent of the time.

A statement from the company said, “Yesterday’s game was  very unusual and possessed unique circumstances. We had a large active bee swarm within thousands of people.” Cartwright said the timing of the decision was important and added, “We had to consider the safety of the fans, players, employees when evaluating this situation.”

“My first instinct is, poor guy — can you imagine the pressure,” Encinitas Bee Company owner James McDonald said, adding that he would have handled the situation differently. After 10 years in the business, McDonald said he rarely has to exterminate and that if the Padres were worried about time, relocating the bees would have been just as fast as exterminating them.

“It’s as simple as putting a bucket underneath the microphone, giving it a shake, having them all fall to the bottom and putting the screen on top,” he said.

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