Fans spend big bucks at Comic-Con

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SAN DIEGO– Comic-Con is all about shopping for many fans and they’re willing to spend some serious cash on limited edition items.

Photo: Jeff Junio

By the end of day one many attendees had their hands full.

“Today, I got the magic the gathering exclusive card set,” Arianna Nevius said while standing outside of the convention center. “They don’t have the specific art anywhere else besides Comic Con.”

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The biggest toy makers in the world unveiled their special addition action figures Thursday.

GI-Joe/Transformers, Power Rangers and a limited addition My Little Pony with Swarovski crystals were very popular.

“It has been a mad house in here trying to get these exclusive items, we had a line around the booth,” Dark Horse Comics PR & Social Media Strategist Aub Driver said. “The Hellboy Domo Qee is a very hot item, very limited addition, also the Normandy Ship Mass Effect ER bronze addition… gone!”

Brian Greenleaf made the trip from Las Vegas and he’s been waiting for this shopping spree all year.

“I tried to get most of the exclusive stuff from like Hasbro and Bandai,” Greenleaf said. “We got Power Rangers, Star Wars, Deadpool, a bunch of nerdy stuff.”

Rare comics are on sale and serious buyers from all over the world are spending serious cash.

“This is the first appearance of the Green Lantern,” Gus Poulakas with Silver H Comics said.  It’s a show case 22 and it came out in 1959.”

That book will sell for about $4,000.

“This is a 1948 copy of batman, agreed upon at an even $10,000,” Jamie Newbold, Southern California Comics owner said.

The booth is displaying several high-end comics like first comic book to show Captain America.

“This copy in 7.0 condition should sell somewhere around $90,000,” COO Vincent Zurzolo.

If that doesn’t hit you in the wallet, they are also auctioning a batman comic that will sell for more than $666,000.

You don’t need a super sized bank account for some of the hot items, but there aren’t a lot so you may need super speed.

“I mean everybody who’s here wants to be here,” Mattel’s Scott Neitlich said. “It’s not detention or something, so it’s just great to be in a place where people are so passionate and so excited to be here and celebrate all the brands they love.”

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