Family speaks out about Navy SEAL accused of murder

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SAN DIEGO — The wife and brother of decorated Navy SEAL Chief Edward Gallagher, who is accused of several war crimes including murder, told FOX 5 the allegations are false and they will not stop fighting until the truth comes out.

This week, Andrea Gallagher was hopeful her lifelong best friend and husband of 12 years would be out of the Naval Consolidation Brig Miramar and back in her arms, but on Thursday, a judge denied the request for his release.

“We thought, we thought this would be kind of the turning point, that we would see some justice for my husband, and it didn’t happen,” Andrea Gallagher said.

“There are hardly people in our military as respected and as legitimate as Ed and for something like this to have happened to him, for something like this to have been perpetrated against him and his family, is nothing less than disgusting,” his younger brother Sean Gallagher said.

The Navy SEAL Special Operations Chief and father has served his country for nearly 20 years and has done eight tours overseas.

“Iraq, Afghanistan. He’s been to Africa and all over the place. He’s fought the Taliban. He’s fought Al Qaeda and then he just was successful in defeating ISIS,” Sean Gallagher said.

A decorated war hero that his wife and younger brother said has now been painted into a monster.

“There’s no way to describe what it looks like to be maliciously lied about. To be at the end of a game of telephone that now has resulted in my husband’s life is on the line. Our family has been tortured,” Andrea Gallagher said.

Edward “Eddie” Gallagher is accused of serious crimes including shooting at civilians, stabbing a detained and wounded teenage ISIS fighter to death and posing for a photo and preforming his re-enlistment ceremony next to a body.

FOX 5 asked his family if Gallagher stabbed the teen and they said he did not, adding he was actually trying to save his life to interrogate him.

“The malicious and slanderous lies emanate from two people that we know. We know who they are. We know why they’re telling these stories,” Sean Gallagher said.

According to Gallagher’s family he was set up by people who had it out for him.

“What is perplexing to us as a family is that a process like this can throw a decorated war hero in jail for four months without his day in court. Ripping him from his wife and his kids can all stem from the statements of two people that have mounds of evidence that contradict it,” Sean Gallagher said.

After hearing about the case, Congressman Duncan Hunter visited Gallagher at the Miramar brig and in a tweet said he was going to be addressing the issue — among others — directly with President Donald Trump.

The Gallaghers said their biggest fear now is that a broken system will yield broken results. They said a letter from Hunter has been sent to President Trump and that has given them home.

“I plead with the President, please review that letter that he sent you. What is happening here isn’t right and we need help,” Andrea Gallagher said.

Gallagher’s trial is set to begin February 19.

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