Diver returns GoPro full of memories lost in Hawaii

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LAKESIDE, Calif. — On their recent trip to Hawaii, the Winsor family documented everything, especially their three boys- Nick, Cole and Jake.

The Lakeside family captured all of their memories on their cell phones and GoPro, including their son’s cliff diving.

“My knees were weak when I looked over and I was trying to film them,” Kari, the boys’ mom, said.

Cole jumped about 50 feet into the water with a GoPro attached to a selfie stick. But when he resurfaced, the camera was gone.

Not only were videos from the trip lost, but more than a years’ worth of memories on the missing GoPro were now somewhere at the bottom of the ocean.

Soon after returning from the trip, Nick got a message on Snapchat and then Instagram.

“I get this random message, ‘Do you know Cole Winsor?’ Yeah, it’s my brother. Why? ‘Does he have a GoPro?’ Yeah, but he lost it in Hawaii. I’m like dude no way!” said Nick.

Four days after the jump, a college student living in Hawaii found the GoPro while scuba diving.

The college student watched the videos and saw that Cole had shown off his boarding pass, mentioned he was from San Diego and wore various little league game gear.

Those clues were enough for the scuba diver to make this video:


“When people find these, they end up keeping it. They don’t think about what’s on them. He did the right thing and this means the world to me,” Kari said.

This diver will be in town next week and the grateful family said they have plans to meet him.

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