Families still without power days after mobile home park fire

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CHULA VISTA, Calif. — Multiple families say they have been living without power since Monday morning’s fire at a Chula Vista mobile home park.

The fire destroyed two homes, damaged a third one and burned a power pole.

Daisy Hernandez said her family is one of three that has been living in the dark.

“It’s just hard to go through the day without having power and then not having anyone worry about us and all my neighbors that have kids. They have their own needs,”  Hernandez said.

The families said they cannot leave for various reasons. For Hernandez’s family it is their pet dogs, birds and fish that have them staying.

“Our fishes need the oxygen. We just can’t take the whole fish tanks to wherever they were going to take us,” Hernandez said.

For the time being, they have been relying on a small generator that does not supply power throughout the whole house. All the food in their refrigerator has gone bad so the 16-year-old high school student said they are doing what they have to do to make ends meet.

“We have to keep buying new food every single day,” Hernandez said.

Hernandez said they are not only spending more money on food, but also on gas to power the generator.

“It’s really difficult. We really don’t have any other option than just to keep buying gas and trying to function,” Hernandez said.

Property managers of the mobile home park off Broadway said they are working as quickly as possible to get power restored. They said they have to get the two damaged homes removed before crews can come in to replace the damaged pole. As of late Thursday, there was no time line for exactly when the work will be done, leaving the families without power feeling anxious.

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