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SAN DIEGO – A man posing as an Amazon delivery driver tried to steal an elderly woman’s prescription drugs last week, but the woman’s neighbors intervened and stopped the theft.

Stephen Rosso lives in a Mission Valley apartment complex. He said he and his girlfriend try to keep an eye on their neighbors.

 “I like my neighbors. I like my neighborhood,” Rosso told FOX 5. “I hate to see anyone be stolen from.”

Last week, Rosso’s fiancée was coming home when she glanced up at the apartment above her and saw something suspicious. A man who claimed he worked for Amazon was holding his upstair neighbor’s package.

“They are always wearing an Amazon vest, a badge, a device to scan packages with,” Rosso said. “The guy had none of that.”

 Rosso said his neighbor is an elderly woman named Rosa who is undergoing chemotherapy. She has her prescripitions delivered to her apartment, he said.

The man told Rosa that there was a problem with the package and he had to take it back, Rosso said.

“And I’m like, ‘There’s no problem with the package!’ so I gave it to Rosa,” Rosso said. “I came back down my stairs, and he reached inside her house and grabbed the package from her and took it and said there was a problem with it. We said, ‘Don’t let him take that package from you – he doesn’t work for Amazon!’”

Rosso and his fiancée watched the man for a couple of minutes and then called the police. Before officers arrived, the man gave the package back to Rosa and took off.

Rosso said he was glad he and his fiancée intervened and prevented the bold theft.

“Step in where you can. Be your own neighborhood watch,” Rosso advised.