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LA JOLLA, Calif. — By looks alone, it’s just another Mount Soledad home with a gorgeous view.  But this house on Hillside Drive is actually one of San Diego’s biggest urban legends.

“I was riding up here one day and some construction workers were telling me the munchkins had owned it and that it was a legend,” a nearby resident told FOX 5.

The story goes, the munchkin actors from the “Wizard of Oz” built four small homes to accommodate their needs. Only one remains.

Its smaller size isn’t obvious, but an average 5’5” woman can easily touch the roof and a 6-foot man has to squat to look at the peep hole.

The current owner bought the home 10 years ago and kept every original detail.  He wasn’t home but did invite FOX 5 to explore, so we followed the not-so-yellow brick road to the courtyard, onto the back deck where we saw something greater than Oz – the Pacific Ocean.

As for the legend, it’s not true at all.  The home was built by a famous architect and the short stature is mostly an optical illusion.  Still, that doesn’t stop people from believing the munchkin myth.  Besides, it sure does make for great conversation.

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