Experts analyze video of wounded prisoner at SEAL’s war crimes trial

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SAN DIEGO – Stepping out of the military courthouse Monday, the attorney for Navy SEAL Chief Edward Gallagher didn’t hold back.

“This entire prosecution is without any basis in evidence. It’s vindictive and it’s offensive. That’s what we’ve learned today and we are going to continue on it tomorrow,” said Tim Parlatore, Gallagher’s attorney.

The prosecution called two forensic experts to the stand Monday to analyze video taken of a wounded prisoner and to determine if the prisoner ultimately died from a stab wound. The video came from a media outlet while the prisoner was still in the custody of Iraqi forces. The expert claimed the prisoner didn’t appear to have injuries or blood on his clothes. Yet, just a couple hours later, he would die from apparent injuries.

A number of SEALs in Gallagher’s platoon claim he gave the prisoner medical attention and then stabbed him in the neck. However, a pathologist couldn’t confirm a knife was responsible for the prisoner’s death because a body was never recovered.

“The government’s own expert, the forensic pathologist, said he can’t be sure what the cause of death is,” Parlatore said outside the courthouse Monday. “He also said they didn’t bother to hire him until months after they charged Eddie Gallagher, put him in the brig and told the world that he committed murder without even checking first to see if a murder had even been committed.”

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