SAN DIEGO — Hundreds of immigrants are camping at the gates to the United States hoping to be some of the first migrants to be processed into the asylum system after Title 42 ends Thursday at 9 p.m.

Migrants fleeing from Brazil, Colombia, Egypt, Afghanistan, Turkey and Jamaica were just some of the people FOX 5 spoke with — all hoping to make the argument they will be hurt or killed if they return to their home countries.

One woman told FOX 5 that after her motorcycle was stolen in Colombia, she started receiving death threats from gang members. Her family all flew to the Tijuana airport, then walked to the border fence.

Immigration experts say the migrants will first be interviewed by border agents. If a credible threat is identified, then they will be detained and held for five to 10 days.

Migrants who are given an asylum case will eventually be released from the detention center on their own recognizance. Asylum cases are so backed up that cases might not be resolved for two to four years.

Currently, migrants are more focused on getting somewhere there is consistent food, water and shelter.