SAN DIEGO — In the last days of Title 42, with more and more migrants gathering along the border, a looming question is where will migrants go after they’re allowed into the U.S. to move forward with asylum claims?

“It’s going to be very scary to see those families potentially on the street,” said Alberto Melchor with Safe Harbors Project, a local organization that has helped asylum seekers find temporary housing since 2015.

The group, in collaboration with the International Rescue Committee, is now launching a Host Family Program, seeking compassionate individuals and families in the San Diego area who are willing to share their homes with a migrant family for three to six months.

“We have already been seeing an increase in migrants and asylum seekers looking for shelter because there isn’t anything out there,” Melchor said.

Under the program, Safe Harbors Network will take selected migrant families and match them up with host families who must also go through a vetting process.

“There are people who want to help, they just don’t know how to help. This is an invitation to explore ‘what can I do short term?'” said Reverend Jeri Newell-Davis, with United Methodist Church.

Davis also works with Safe Harbors Network and a few years ago, with her husband, hosted a mother and child from Ghana.

“We are family. It has been a blessing, it has been a challenge, it has been eye opening into an immigration system, as well as a humanitarian crisis,” Newell-Davis said.

The program has a short-term goal to find at least ten homes for migrant families and will also provide case management services to help out along the way.