“Help, help,” one migrant said through the 30-foot U.S.-Mexico border wall Wednesday.

With just one day left until Title 42 expires, there is uncertainty and confusion at the border.

“It’s a human rights nightmare,” said Pedro Rios, Director of the American Friends Service Committee. “We are trying the best we can here and still feel like we are only making a dent in terms of providing the support that’s needed…”

He’s been assisting with various efforts at the border for decades and said this is unlike anything he’s seen before.

“We were distributing food and water this morning and trying to make an assessment on some of the needs some of the asylum seekers need, making contact with Border Patrol when its necessary, whenever there might be an extreme health need,” Rios said.

Rios and others were passing out water bottles, snacks and food to the migrants throughout the day.

He’s been in contact with CBP when migrants need medical attention.

“There was a young child who had a seizure and he seemed to be struggling with other health issues and so they came and they picked him up, and took him away, apparently his medication was taken by Mexican authorities and he needed to be hospitalized immediately,” Rios said.

Hundreds of migrants are waiting on U.S. soil between two U.S. border walls that separate the U.S. and Mexico. FOX 5 crews talked with one man seeking asylum from Colombia.

“Problem in my country, and my country is very, very difficult,” he said. “A better future for my son and my wife, and my family, and me,” the migrant from Colombia said through teary eyes.

During the day Wednesday, kids awaiting to be processed could be seen playing soccer. As the sun started to set, migrants were asking humanitarian groups for blankets to keep warm.