SAN DIEGO — Hundreds of migrants at the border wall in San Ysidro continue to endure difficult conditions, pleading with humanitarian workers and volunteers to pass them food and other supplies.

Pedro Rios with the American Friends Service Committee has helped oversee the distribution of aid and says it’s a challenging collaborative effort, as groups try to provide what’s needed most by the migrants.

“Definitely need a hot meal, which is more challenging for 400 to 500 people. Things such as toilet paper — medical needs that arise with the children brought here — and blankets, especially at night,” Rios said.

Local minister Omega Burckhardt passed out food to a family with a baby from India after arriving at the wall to help other humanitarian groups.

“It’s heartbreaking, it’s untenable, it’s unsafe and it’s unhealthy. So we’re here to offer assistance in whatever way we can to make sure that they’re safe and they feel cared for and witnessed and seen,” Burckhardt said.

Not all migrants are waiting for donated food. Some with money are ordering takeout from the Tijuana side, exchanging cash for hot food at the primary wall.

As more migrants gather, Rios says there is a good sign with Border Patrol picking up more people on a regular basis.

“The more people Border Patrol picks up, the less they’re suffering back here and the quicker the processing can take place and determine what they’re next steps will be,” said Rios.