SAN DIEGO — Dozens of border agents practiced riot techniques Wednesday while preparing for the end of Title 42.

Hundreds of migrants have gathered on the border in hopes of accessing the U.S. asylum system, which has been blocked by a Center for Disease Control statute baring migrants because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

On Thursday at 9 p.m. in San Diego, Title 42 will end and what happens next is a question mark.

Migrant families have been taken o the limit line early to be processed at the border while other migrants have sat for days waiting to surrender to border agents.

Food, water and shelter are in short supply as migrants huddle together while asking people to charge their cellphones through the border wall. Volunteers pass trash bags snacks and homemade food through the fence to eager hungry families.

As more people are lined up and processed, some migrants have become more optimistic about their turn while others have become more desperate to get out of the elements.

Border agents say while they are already over capacity at their detention centers, Arizona and Texas are getting hit with a migrant wave that’s much bigger.