SAN DIEGO — Cities along the border are gearing up for the end of Title 42, a Center for Disease Control policy baring migrants from seeking asylum in the U.S. while the COVID-19 pandemic was in place.

“As a city, we have always stood by are principles and that doesn’t need to end now and it won’t end now,” said Andrea Cardenas, a Chula Vista City Council member.

Migrants have already been lining up for the May 11 expiration of Title 42. Imperial Beach lifeguards have been working overtime rescuing migrants in the area.

“Our lifeguards have been overburdened by the amount of people trying to cross via the water,” said Paloma Aguirre, the mayor of Imperial Beach.

Thousands of migrants from all over the world are expected to cross into the U.S. after May 11.

Border Patrol agents will be getting assistance from 1,500 National Guard troops focusing on administrative work.

Very few immigrants are expected to be granted asylum, but each migrant will be given their day in court, according to U.S. Customs and Border Protection.