Encinitas considers banning gas-powered leaf blowers

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ENCINITAS, Calif. — The City of Encinitas held a public forum Monday night to inform residents of a proposed ban on gas-powered leaf blowers.

In January of 2018, City Council adopted a climate action plan which included a list of ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, with banning the gas-powered leaf blowers included on that list.

If passed, battery powered or electric leaf blowers would still be allowed. However, fines for using gas-powered leaf blowers could cost up to $100 after the first warning and increase for every following violation.

“I am very invested in the banning of the gas blowers because I am directly affected every day and my health has been impacted by the use of these gas blowers,” said Audrey Reynolds, one of the residents who attended Monday’s forum.

In addition to being better for the environment, Encinitas officials say getting rid of gas-powered leaf blowers would also decrease levels of noise, dust and allergens.

The ordinance will officially go before the city council on June 19. If passed, a second reading would take place in July and it would go into effect 30 days later. Businesses would be expected to adhere to the ordinance within three months and residents within six months.

Comments may be submitted to climateaction@encinitasca.gov until May 24.

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