Emergency cliff stability project kicks off in La Jolla

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LA JOLLA, Calif. — Emergency construction begin Friday to stabilize a cliff area and roadway in La Jolla following an analysis by geology experts. A group of officials with the City of San Diego held a public meeting Friday morning to discuss the beginning of an emergency cliff stability project. Parts of Cave Street and Coast Boulevard will be temporarily closed for six weeks while work crews fortify a weak point on Coast Boulevard above a sea cave called Cook’s Crack.

According to San Diego State University Geology Professor Pat Abbott, the caves are common between La Jolla and Sunset Cliffs and even though made up of strong sandstone, wear and tear from the water eventually creates the hazard we’re seeing along Coast Boulevard.

“When those ocean waves beat on one of those cracks for hundreds of years, for thousands of years, the crack gets wider and wider until it grows to a cave. Until it gets so big, the roof falls in,” said Abbott.

Transportation and Storm Water Department Director Kris McFadden, San Diego Fire-Rescue Department Assistant Chief Chris Webber and Lifeguard Chief James Gartland discussed the emergency project at the meeting.

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