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CHULA VISTA, Calif. – A popular neighborhood Italian restaurant Filippi’s Pizza Grotto permanently closed nearly two weeks after receiving a “vermin infestation” notice from the county.

The crew at Filippi’s in Eastlake thanked the community Sunday for their support and the memories their shared.


The restaurant located at 871 Showroom Place received a notice from San Diego County Health and Human Services in mid-April after failing to pass an inspection.

A food inspection report stated inspectors found evidence of vermin, including rodent droppings in a dry storage area, utensil storage area and inside ovens, rodent nests inside ovens, a “pungent urine smell” inside an oven and gnaw marks on electrical wiring.

County health officials said Monday the restaurant owner voluntarily closed the business.

The company’s other franchises are not affected and remain open.