Prepare to survive ‘The Big One’ with the Great California Shakeout

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SAN DIEGO — All across the state, people will practice “dropping, covering and holding on” for the tenth annual Great California Shakeout drill on Oct. 18.

The one-minute earthquake preparedness drill is an important opportunity for San Diego, where the Rose Canyon, San Jacinto and Elsinore faults are some of the most notable threats to public safety.

On Oct. 18 and 10:18 a.m., residents can practice the three key steps for surviving when the ground starts to shake. People should drop onto their hands and knees wherever they are and, if possible, crawl under a table, sturdy desk or an interior wall. Then they should cover their head and neck with one arm and hand, bent over to protect vital organs. Finally, they should hold on to a table leg with their other hand until the shaking stops.

And before an earthquake ever starts, experts say it’s important for residents to prepare for the inevitable. San Diegans can create a disaster plan and organize supplies, retrofit older homes and purchase earthquake insurance.

After the shaking subsides, residents should file an earthquake insurance claim, making sure to take pictures of any damage before cleaning up. It’s also important to keep any earthquake-related records and receipts safe to use in your claim.

Register for the Great California Shakeout and read more on preparing, to survive and recover from earthquakes here.

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