Ocean Beach woman speaks about surviving recent Mexico quakes

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OAXACA, Mexico — A woman from Ocean Beach who recently moved to Mexico experienced not one, but two major earthquakes this month.

“It sounded like a train crashing or something,” said Melanie Williams, who relocated in June to run a yoga retreat.

Twelve days ago, a deadly 8.1-magnitude earthquake struck off the southern coast of Mexico and awakened Williams.

“The ground was moving and I tried to get out of bed but it was shaking so fast I actually couldn’t,” she said.

During the first temblor, Williams was staying in a fishing village about 30 miles from the epicenter.

“I was thinking at first, this is going to stop. I wasn’t that scared and it just kept escalating and getting worse and building,” said Williams.

She said she managed to get out of bed and brace herself in the doorway as the chaos continued to rain down around her.

“I could feel stuff was breaking,” Williams said. “Eventually, I started realizing OK, this is a big one and I could actually hear the walls in the concrete house starting to crack. At that point, I was like OK, I’ve had a really good life.”

Once the shaking stopped, Williams ran out to the street, joining the rest of the village. Soon, a fresh wave of fear washed over the crowd: the possibility of a tsunami.

“So they asked me if I would take a couple of them down to the beach to check and see if the ocean looked like a tsunami was coming,” said Williams.

To everyone’s relief, the tsunami never surfaced.

Wiliams said the daily aftershocks were just as unnerving. Then Tuesday night, another earthquake — this time a magnitude of 7.1 — struck 75 miles southeast of Mexico City.

“We all had kind of PTSD around here, because the first one was very traumatic and then to feel a second one, everyone just sort of bolted for the streets,” Williams said. “It was very eerie and very silent.”

Williams said people are still on edge and everyone is doing their best to move forward, but hearts and prayers remain with those at the center of the disaster.

“Sending a lot of good energy thoughts and prayers for the people in Mexico City and the rescue efforts that are still ongoing there,” said Williams.

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