Earthquake kills 3, injures at least 40 in Japan


Passengers from a train walk along railroad tracks following an earthquake in Osaka on June 18, 2018
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OSAKA, Japan — Strong earthquakes have struck Ring of Fire nations Japan and Guatemala within hours of each other, with multiple fatalities reported in Japan.

The city of Osaka, on Japan’s main Honshu Island, was shaken by a 5.3 magnitude quake around 8 a.m. Monday local time (7 p.m. Sunday ET) according to the US Geological Survey (USGS). The Japan Meteorology Agency put the magnitude at 5.9 and JMA Seismic Intensity at 5.3.

In that quake, Japanese officials say three people were killed and at least 40 injured, FOX News reports.

Meantime, a 5.6 magnitude quake struck near Guanagazapa in Guatemala’s Escuintla province just after 8:30 p.m local time (11:30 p.m ET) Sunday, according to the USGS. There were no immediate reports of injuries or serious damage, according to CONRED, the government agency for disaster reduction.

Both Japan and Guatemala are situated on the Ring of Fire, an area of intense seismic and volcanic activity on both sides of the Pacific Ocean. The 40,000-kilometer (25,000-mile) area stretches from the boundary of the Pacific Plate and the smaller plates such as the Philippine Sea plate to the Cocos and Nazca Plates that line the edge of the Pacific Ocean.

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