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SAN DIEGO — Flooding at a Barrio Logan shipyard damaged a U.S. Navy ship and scattered debris into the harbor Wednesday night.

SkyFOX captured footage of the broken graving dock and floating debris Thursday afternoon after the damaging incident at General Dynamics NASSCO near the Coronado Bay Bridge.

“Last night, there was a flooding incident with the graving dock used to support construction of the future USNS Miguel Keith (ESB 5),” NASSCO told FOX 5 in a statement. “There were no injuries. The ship is safe and in stable condition. Personnel are currently assessing impact to the ship.”

A graving dock, also called a dry dock, is a dock used to raise a ship above the waterline so the hull can be maintained or repaired.

The Miguel Keith — an expeditionary base ship which will be used to transport large machinery, such as helicopters — is slated to be delivered by 2019.  A Navy spokesperson said that when a barrier in the dock failed, it allowed water into the graving dock. The ship floated off its supports and took on water through cuts in its hull that were “made to support the ship’s construction and outfitting.”

They did not confirm the extent of damage to the ship or how long the incident would delay construction.