Residents say city ignored their calls about water leak

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SAN DIEGO — Residents who live near Chollas Lake are upset at the City of San Diego for not responding to their calls and/or emails regarding a water leak that had been gushing water for more than two weeks.

According to residents, the water has been flowing from a slope just east of the main entrance to Chollas Lake along College Grove Drive. They claim to have called or emailed the city several times to tell the about the leak.

“We’re being told to conserve water but yet these guys let it squirt out for over two weeks… it’s just frustrating being down here,” said Bill Torres who lives nearby.

After receiving calls from FOX 5, someone from the water department came to the site and shut off the water and placed yellow caution tape over the point of origin for the leak.

The city has not returned calls to FOX 5 about the residents’ complaints that their notices were ignored for more than two weeks.

It’s hard to say how much water was lost since the leaks were first detected more than two weeks ago.

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