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SOLANA BEACH, Calif. – A drone with a GoPro camera attached to it was found buried on the ocean floor off Solana Beach.

John La Grange went diving on October 30 in search of fish for dinner. Instead, he discovered a drone with a camera which he took home and cleaned.

Perhaps even more surprising, after cleaning the GoPro, La Grange found the camera to be dry. With the help of his children, he downloaded the files onto his computer and found pictures and video footage of Solana Beach.

The last recorded video, was a birds eye view of the beach, before the drone descended into the water. The gentle ripples of the water could be heard through the video. The water was also clear enough to see the fish swim in front of the camera lens. It was dated November 2, 2013.

“The water was so clear. It was such a beautiful day when [the drone] crashed into the water. It’s unusual that it was that nice out there,” La Grange said.

The Solana Beach resident showed the footage to some lifeguards who say, it’s likely the drone lost signal when it ventured farther out toward the ocean, causing it to slowly fall into the water.

La Grange also said while he did not recognize the man in the video, he recognized the pictures of the house in the GoPro files.

“I don’t know his name but I think I can figure out if he still lives here,” La Grange said.

The drone is missing a propeller and is filled with sand. This type of drone typically sells between $700-$1000. The GoPro can sell up to $400.

However, while it could be approximately $1000 equipment lost at sea, the recovered footage could be priceless to its rightful owner.