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SAN DIEGO – After rescuers were able to round up a handful of abandoned rabbits Thursday night, their obstacle now is to find them new homes.

The San Diego House Rabbit Society, a nonprofit organization, has spent days in Chula Vista’s Discovery Park trying to capture the bunnies.

Rabbit wranglers desperately caged more than 30 of the animals recently after someone had dumped nearly 50 throughout three South Bay locations.

“They were dumped probably by the same person. They were dumped around the same time. There are some similar characteristics with the rabbits,” said Amy Spintman, a volunteer at the nonprofit. “It’s likely these might have been Easter bunnies that someone got around Easter time and maybe they got two rabbits that weren’t spayed or neutered. They could have already been pregnant given the age of these rabbits, that wouldn’t surprise us.”

Volunteers say the dozens of young Dutch and Silver Martin mixes have been getting picked off by wild coyotes or other territorial wild rabbits.

“They don’t know how to handle themselves in the wild. They don’t know what food is proper to eat, they’re not getting water,” said Spintman.

Whomever is responsible for leaving the domesticated pets behind could face charges and a hefty fine by the  city of Chula Vista.

Anyone interested in adoption is urged to call the San Diego House Rabbit Society at 858-565-2869.