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SAN DIEGO — Dozens of electric scooters and bikes were found damaged or defaced with inappropriate words in Ocean Beach Monday, causing a bit of an eyesore.

“Honestly I don’t know why somebody would do something like that. It must be entertaining to them,” said Nina Richardson.

One bike found with spray paint wasn’t going anywhere.

“I was looking for a bike to ride around and obviously this one has a flat tire,” Neeve O’Reilly said.

Bird Scooters told FOX 5 the company has zero tolerance for any kind of vandalism and encourages anyone who spots damaged property to submit a report online. The company also said it also takes those damaged scooters out of rotation once the company becomes aware. Some companies are even able to be proactive about damages when people end their ride.

“When you put it back you just have to take a picture and show that you put it away properly, that you just didn’t throw it on the ground or in the street,” Richardson said.

As of Monday evening, San Diego police had not received any official reports of vandalism regarding scooters or bikes in Ocean Beach. Police say the charge for any vandalism less than $400 is a misdemeanor, which could carry up to a year of jail time as well as having to pay for damages if convicted.