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One of these men is a d-bag.

This movie is Sideways for the slackers.

The premise is that a guy’s getting married, and his fiancé insists he invite his younger brother he hasn’t spoken to in years.

At first, you don’t know who the douchebag is. They seem to, after an awkward introduction, have normal conversations and debates (ie is figure skating a sport?).

When the older brother talks his sibling into going on a road trip to find a girlfriend he had in 5th grade – you realize older bro has some serious issues.

I have to imagine the title of this film kept some theatres from booking it. As common as that word is in society, I think they would’ve had more success calling it Dick (and kind of cool for the lead actor, who’s named Andrew Dickler).

This movie is getting mixed reviews, which surprises me. Sure, it’s one of those low-budget mumblecore films; but it’s charming and clever. Writer/director Drake Doremus deserves major kudos for that.

There’s a scene with a woman getting flowers that might be the funniest of any film I’ve ever seen (remember how lame the flower scene was in American President when Michael Douglas tries to buy them, the clerk is rude and doesn’t get off the phone or look at him. When she does, and sees it’s the President, she faints. It’s not clever, yet the critics ate that up).

This is the shortest movie I’ve seen in a long time (it’s only an hour and 16 minutes). So, I’ll make this one of my shorter reviews.

The movie is playing at the KenCinema, but probably not for much longer. You should see it.

I’m giving it a B (for beard).

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