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SAN DIEGO — A woman and her 10-pound dog are recovering after they were viciously attacked by a pair of pit bull mixes.

The attack happened during a trip to the Fiesta Island dog park on Sunday afternoon.

“The moment just seemed so surreal. That has been my nightmare since I’ve gotten her,” said Renata about the incident with her Maltese, Micha.

“I literally had my hand in its mouth trying to get it away from my dog and it just kept going and I was screaming, ‘stop, stop,’” Renata said.

Micha was ripped open and was rushed to the vet, requiring emergency surgery.

The Maltese was released and allowed to go back home Thursday afternoon.

Witnesses told Renata the two men who sped off with the pit bulls drove off in a white two-door commercial type-van.

Animal control officers are looking for the owner of the two large dogs that attacked the pair.

In a statement, a representative from the San Diego Department of Animal Services said, “We have our officers patrolling the Fiesta Island area in an attempt to locate the vehicle and would welcome any tips from the public. If the public sees the vehicle, they can call our 24-hour dispatch and provide us with the location of the vehicle.”

“I’m holding her up and one of these big dogs — these dogs had to be 100 pounds — one of the big dogs pushes me down onto the ground,” Renata said. “It was my worst nightmare because I knew, at that point, they were just going to go for her.”

She says they bit her as she tried to save Micha.

“All over my hands, and I start screaming at the dogs to get off of her,” Renata, said. “Finally, some people came over and they pulled the dogs off of her.”

GoFundMe page has been set up to help with vet bills, which have added up to more than $7,000.