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SAN DIEGO — A City Heights resident was found slain in her apartment Monday.

The 36-year-old woman’s sister discovered her body at the rental residence in the 4000 block of Van Dyke Avenue shortly before 9 a.m., according to San Diego police.

The victim’s sister, Amiina Salad, told FOX 5 that the dead woman’s name is Muna Kuri. She said Kuri came to the US from Kenya.

The victim, whose most recent contact with her family was on Saturday, had suffered suspicious wounds to her upper body, Lt. Anthony Dupree said.

“Homicide investigators were called to the scene and are investigating the death as a homicide,” the lieutenant said.

Salad told FOX 5 that her family had not heard from Kuri since Saturday evening, so she went to her apartment and was able to get inside with the help of the property manager. She found Kuri’s body in her bed with injuries to her head. She said that she believes Kuri’s husband is responsible for her death.

“You killed her. We all know you did. Why run?” she said, addressing her brother-in-law. “You thought you were man enough and strong enough to her her, right? Well come out. Show your face!”

Investigators said no suspects in the killing had been identified as of mid-afternoon, but they want to talk to Kuri’s husband, who is considered a person of interest in the case.

Kuri’s husband was confirmed by police as 45-year-old Abdiaziz Kerow.

As officials work to fill in the blanks on what happened to Kuri, friends and family have not left the area surrounding Kuri’s apartment.

Salad says her sister ran a day care in El Cajon, was very generous, and loved by many.

“She’s funny, she’s loud, she forgives. A lot. She doesn’t hold grudges against people, she helps a lot of people,” said Salad.