Sisters attacked, family dog killed by Africanized bee swarm


Toby the dachshund was stung to death by a swarm of Africanized bees.

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VISTA, Calif. – A huge swarm of Africanized bees attacked two North County girls and killed their family dog.

The attack happened Sunday evening in Vista.

Madeline Marko-Martinez, 20, and her 19-year-old step-sister, Quinn Rodgers, returned home with a friend after a trip. As they got out of the car, they noticed bees flying around. All of a sudden, the bees started swarming and attacking the girls.

"I tried to move away but more followed me. I started running. We each had our own swarm around us. Everyone was running and screaming -- I’m sure it looked wild," said Rodgers.

The girls screamed and ran inside the house. They called their parents, who were out of town, but the parents called an exterminator company. When the exterminators arrived, they were amazed by what they found.

"They told us that they were Africanized bees, that they were some of the most aggressive they had ever seen," Marko-Martinez said.

The hive was on the side of the home underneath the eaves of the roof. The exterminators said it was the biggest bee hive they had ever encountered.

"We thought the hive had been there for a couple of months, but we found out they were there for at least two years," Marko-Martinez said.

After the attack, the girls could not find their two dogs, but they eventually discoverd the body of their dachshund, Toby, near the hive. He had been stung dozens of times. Their other dog was still missing days after the attack.

As of Wednesday, bees were still flying around the home, even though the exterminators had killed about 4,000 of the insects, including the colony's queen bee.

The exterminators are scheduled to come back this week to finish off the aggressive bees. All told, it will cost the family about $3,500 to get rid of the colony.

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