Cruise ship passengers arrive at MCAS Miramar


MARINE CORPS AIR STATION MIRAMAR, Calif.  – A plane carrying 50 to 60 passengers from the cruise ship Grand Princess landed Tuesday night at Marine Corps Air Station Miramar Tuesday night.

The passengers will be taken off the flight and put on two-week quarantine at the base to see if any of them have been infected with the coronavirus.

San Diego resident Cheri Stinson, a passenger on the cruise ship, hoped to be on that flight.

“They’re taking me to Travis Air Force Base instead,” she said Tuesday afternoon via Facetime from her room aboard the cruise ship, which docked in Oakland on Monday.

Stinson joined her brother and sister-in-law for a Hawaiian vacation on the ship that left on Feb. 21. She said 13 days into the trip, they were notified that someone on board may have been infected with coronavirus. After that, all passengers were told to stay in their rooms.

“Anytime we open the door to pick up food or toilet paper, we have to wear a mask,” she said.

The ship was held off the coast of Northern California for a few days until it got permission to dock in Oakland on Monday.

“The tents and the personal, and the precautions — it’s almost surreal,” Stinson said.

Authorities said Tuesday that of the 3,500 people on board the Grand Princess, 400 of them will eventually be taken to MCAS Miramar for a two-week quarantine. The first group is expected to arrive Tuesday night. The second group scheduled to arrive sometime on Wednesday.

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