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SAN DIEGO — The City Council Tuesday unanimously approved a resolution stating that the city is “fully committed” to keeping the Chargers football team in San Diego, but some critics say the measure is symbolic and does little the keep the team from moving north to Los Angeles.

The resolution comes five days after the Chargers and Oakland Raiders said they were working on a $1.7 billion dollar stadium plan in the L.A. suburb of Carson.

Mayor Kevin Faulconer said the resolution provides a clear message of support.

“The resolution before you is about the City of San Diego sending a very clear message to the public, the NFL, and the Chargers, and that message is that San Diego is working in good faith to develop a plan that, if approved by voters, will provide a home for the Chargers, the Aztecs, and for generations to come.” Faulconer said. “Let me say that I am confident that by working together we can get this done.”

But many are critical of the resolution, saying it’s a waste of time and taxpayer dollars and the city should be more focused on actually doing something to keep the team here.

“Let’s be clear. This resolution is a symbolic one. But our votes cannot be symbolic,” said Councilman Todd Gloria.

Gloria says the resolution has to be much more than just words.

“That’s what were up against. You see the press conference in Carson, you see council hearings in Inglewood. Now we have a symbolic resolution here today, which is a start, but it can’t be the end.”

Councilmen Gloria and David Alvarez sent Faulconer a memo saying several big issues need clarification, including the location of a new stadium, its total cost, funding sources for a stadium, and what portions would be covered by the Bolts, the city, the county and taxpayers.

“Today’s action does nothing to get us closer to resolving our issues,” Alvarez said. “The actions and the memo that we put forward show that we take this very seriously, just as this resolution shows symbolic support we are putting behind the Chargers these workshops will translate hope into action.”

Alvarez pointed out the future of the proposed San Diego Convention Center
 expansion has to be resolved, because it could have an impact on where the Chargers stadium is located.

Issues surrounding the creation of a new stadium for
 the Chargers will be taken up by the City Council’s Budget Committee
  on March 18.   A public meeting with the Chargers Stadium Task Force is set for March 2.