Crash course for careers in cannabis comes to San Diego

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SAN MARCOS, Calif. – In 1998 Robert Calkin moved to Los Angeles, started a band and another side business, that back then, was not legal.

“I decided to start a marijuana delivery service so I could meet everyone in the music bmarijuanaPlantusiness,” Calkins said.

Calkins’ business didn’t propel his band into stardom as he had hoped, but it did finance the band for 25 years as they toured the world and recorded albums.

in 2008, years after marijuana became legal in California, Calkin said he parlayed his side business, delivering marijuana, to take center stage.

“I decided to tell people what I had been doing for the past 25 years so I could teach others how to start their own marijuana business,” said Calkin.

Calkin founded the Cannabis Career Institute, which travels across the country giving one day crash courses to promote jobs and business opportunities in the growing cannabis industry.

As more and more states are loosening the laws surround marijuana, careers in cannabis have shown a massive growth over the last decade. According to Calkin, the cannabis industry has grown about 3,000 percent since 2005.

“People are coming into the cannabis industry from other industries like the travel industry, and the real estate industry, because they are looking for a way to reinvent themselves,” said Calkin.

The CCI teaches budding entrepreneurs how to navigate through the smokescreen that often surrounds starting up a cannabis career.

“The cannabis industry is a giant grey area,” said Calkin, “and the only reason why the little guy, or a mom and pop businesses, can get into the industry is because it is semi-legal.”

Callkin said if the cannabis industry was completely legal, large corporations like 7-11 would be selling marijuana.

The CCI teaches its students how to grow more than pot. Calkin says it teaches them how to grow a legal entity that has the potential to also turn a profit.

The CCI teaches its students how to start their own business in one of four categories, creating a dispensary, delivery service, grow operation, and creating an edibles kitchen.

The seminar is being held on October 12, 2013 at the Hampton Inn located on 123 East Carmel Street in San Marcos. The seminar cost $250 and is from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.. For more information go to www.

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