Phony Craigslist ad may to be blame for missing dog

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SAN DIEGO -- A Spring Valley woman’s dog was stolen and it could be because of a phony Craigslist ad.

She’s now warning others about the scam and is also pleading to have her dog back.

“I hope somebody sees this and returns him,” said Tracy Brunker about her dog, Girl, of 7 years.

Brunker tells FOX 5 her home was robbed Thursday morning and she thinks Girl was taken along with some of the belongings. She says a fake Craigslist ad about her home is to blame.

“It basically said that they were leaving, that they wouldn’t be able to come to 9480; I need you to take as much stuff as possible, I’m going to be leaving the country, I won’t be able to email you back or text you back or answer the basically take what you want,” said Brunker.

Brunker and her cousin, who was home asleep at the time of the robbery, just moved in three weeks ago with their two dogs. Her cousin’s dog was locked up in the bedroom, but Girl was out roaming when Brunker left for work.

“Somebody took her, thought that she was abandoned or whatever, but she wasn’t. She was wearing a pink collar with little studs on it. She’s about 10 pounds. Her name is Girl…she comes to Girl," said Brunker.

The sheriff’s office in Rancho San Diego responded to the call after neighbors reported people started showing up and taking items out of the home.

“Stereo equipment was taken out of here, TV is gone,” said Brunker.

Brunker filed a police report, but for her, it isn’t about the material items.

“I don’t care if they have whatever stuff of mine, I just want my dog back. To me that’s like my kid,” said Brunker.

The sheriff’s office says detectives are following up on the case to try to determine who posted the ad to hold someone accountable.

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