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EL CAJON, Calif. – An El Cajon couple celebrating their 17th anniversary did the unimaginable. They visited three Disney theme parks around the world in one day.

Michael Greening and his wife visited Disneyland in Tokyo, in Anaheim and Disney World in Florida – all in one day.

“We couldn’t decide if we wanted to go Tokyo Disneyland for a week or Disney World for a week, so we decided to do both,” said Greening.

The couple has celebrated every anniversary at Disneyland and did not want to break the tradition.  They first went to Tokyo Disneyland and spent Valentine’s Day morning at the park, then jetted off to Los Angeles at 5 p.m.

Due to the 16-hour time difference they were able to arrive at LAX at 9 a.m. the same day.

“We had a car service pick us up and he did everything short of driving on sidewalks to get us there,” said Greening.

The couple ran into Disneyland in Anaheim for one minute, just long enough to take a picture and run back out to catch a six-hour flight to Florida.

“As we walked up to the airport counter the person is shaking their head saying your plane left two minutes ago,” said Greening.

The couple quickly bought two new tickets, got on a new flight and just like Cinderella, made it into Disney world just before the clock struck 12.

“I got to do it with my wife, my best friend on Valentine’s Day … can’t argue with that, no better way to go about it,” said Greening.

In just under 28-hours, the couple traveled nearly 8,000 miles.

According to the Greenings, representatives with Disney parks confirmed no one else has ever attempted what they have.

They have submitted for the Guinness World Book of Records and are waiting for a response.

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