County launches website to report deadbeat parents

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SAN DIEGO – The Department of Child Support Services recently launched an online tip line for families to report unpaid child support claims.

Child Services officials said thousands of kids are going without child support in San Diego. In some cases, parents simply can’t afford to pay, but others literally hide from their responsibility.

online sales tax“Some people will go through a lot of lengths to avoid paying child support,” said San Diego Child Support Manager John Rosenthal.

Currently, there are roughly 100,000 cases and $4 million of court ordered child support going unpaid every month in San Diego, officials reported.

To deal with the issue, a child support tip line was developed and allows people to report those suspected or known to owe money.

“Names, addresses, social security numbers, place of employment, as much information as possible [can be entered],” said Rosenthal, who added that the biggest benefit of the information provided on the website is immediacy.

“We can act on that immediately,” he said.

The information can be entered anonymously and isn’t made public.

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